Orbotech Paragon 8800HI

Laser Direct Imaging

With .001 total front to back registration (.0005 per side), automatic scaling and centering, wide depth of field, and .001 mil lines, with +/- 12um positioning capability we can assure your pads will be aligned and your images will be dimensionally correct. Large scale optics allow a large depth of field enabling us to print multiple thickness substrates including rigid flex panels, and defined cavity imaging. The 8800HI is also equipped with an 8 watt laser.

ESI 5330xi UV

UV Laser Drilling

The 5330xi gives us the ability to drill very small and/or high aspect ratio microvias, blind vias and buried vias with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Precise laser control allows patterning and cutout of complex features in a wide range or materials and thicknesses. In addition we utilize the drill's 20 micron beams to process flex materials with profilling and controlled depth milling requirements as well as dielectric laser ablation and skiving.

Hitachi Single Spindle Drills

High Speed Mechanical Drilling

Each drill contains a high resolution alignment system along with 160K RPM spindles which enable holes down to 3.9 mils and provides for hole to hole accuracy of 7 microns. The Hitachi drill series can accurately control depth drill to within 8 microns.

ITC Intercircuit THP 32

Via Filling

The THP32 uses a unique filling method in order to fill through holes and blinds in one step. this silling method and the design of the filling heads provide a perfect filling result on high aspect ratio through holes as well as on laser or mechanical blinds. It comes equipped with one of the strongest vacuum pumps available on the market to avoid air bubbles.

Orbotech Sprint 120

Inkjet Printing

Featuring innovative DotStream Technology™ and UV LED curing, Sprint 120 delivers high speed and top quality printing for consistent, volume production of advanced legend designs. With automatic measurements and scaling for each panel, registration accuracy of 35 μm is acheived.

Wise ChemStar

Chemistry Clean Line

Used for surface treatment preparation of inner-layer and outer-layer panels before dry film lamination and soldermask coating.

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